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2530 Big Town blvd.

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...we have done some business with them (Quality Intermodal) in the past and have been very pleased with the overall service and people working on that team...”

There is a really strong team working at Quality Intermodal. You guys have met our transportation needs and it felt like we were working with family...”
One Satisfied Customer

A Few Words About Us

Quality Intermodal Delivery Service, INC was started in June 2004 with a dream and a specific goal in mind. We wanted to create an atmosphere unlike any in the transportation industry. From the drivers, dispatchers, management, and service partners, we all have taken the position that teamwork and customer service are the keys to success. From the top down, Quality employees have been involved in multiple aspects of the industry. Most of us still hold CDLs and know what it is to be in the trenches with the drivers and forklift operators. Some of us have also worked on the side of the IMCs and freight brokers. A few of us have owned and operated our own trucks. This has given us a solid & well rounded understanding of the industry.

Jeff & Tracey Campbell, the owners of Quality, both started out at the ground floor of the industry. Tracey was an employee of the BNSF railroad in 1989, working as a gate clerk. Jeff bought his first truck in 1990 & began driving as an owner/operator. After suffering many of the setbacks and bad business dealings that often come as a part of the transportation industry, they decided to start their own company. Quality's success is driven on the basis of excellent service to our customers and fair business with everyone involved. From the drivers, to the employees, to the customers we base our decisions on what is fair to all parties involved. Admittedly this has sometimes made for difficult decisions from a business perspective, yet it has motivated us to synergize our efforts and work as a team. Our drivers have stood by us through thick and thin, our employees are dedicated to the success of the company, and our customers have discovered that we are the best of the best. Come try us out, and see why we are indeed Quality like no other!

Our advantages

  • We strive to exceed our Customer's expectations to meet our own.
  • Team-work and Customer Service are the keys to our success. These are qualities we are constantly looking to streamline and improve.
  • We are comprised of an experienced team that understand the Transportation Industry from the top down.
  • Long standing commitments with numerous transportation partners
  • We offer a various array of services met with generous customer service to establish a favorable customer relationship